1600 Dust is a twenty minute, weekly Hearthstone podcast.  It was initially developed by Chris and Spivey, and has grown to incorporate live streaming and league events.


Has Kind Eyes.


Chris is the co-host of 1600 Dust, as well as the content editor and producer.  He also plays bass guitar in his band, Metaphorical Lions, and is an aspiring novelist. He lives in the Pacific Northwest. His Twitter handle is @cmplummer.










Mote with a Mouth.






Spivey is the co-host of 1600 Dust, as well as the booking handler and social media manager. He is the most competitive of the hosts, with aspirations of making Legend. His Twitter handle is @Spyvrr.


“Did you bring some fish?”




















Matt is the third chair co-host of 1600 Dust.  He is also the proprietor of Titan One Toys. His Twitter handle is @matuna.


“What do you mean it’s a female podcast host with a natural hair color?”











Ziggysera is the fourth chair co-host of 1600 Dust, Wild aficionado, and resident streamer. Her Twitter handle is @ziggysera.

















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